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As I have struggled to get my head around using a blog, this blog, my next challenge was to create another microblog – I chose to use Tumblr.  I have dappled, I use that word lightly, with Pinterest in a different subject so I wanted to challenge myself yet again.  This took me longer than I expected as I was sure there were other “things” to do on my Tumblr account but I think that was a lack of confidence.  Once I began to get into the swing of using it I was able to take off.

Tumblr page

My tumblr page can be found at

What I have discovered from creating my Tumblr blog includes Lego is still popular after so many years, although it is changing as the years progress.  Similarly, Batman, Star Wars and Pokemon are also still very popular.   I also discovered young people must have a really weird sense of humour as I looked into the YouTube channels they enjoy watching.   I’m not sure if I understand what they find funny, so I’ve come to the conclusion we are world’s apart when it comes to humour.


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